Northern California flying sites and (our) local wind conditions

Here is a link to the Sacramento Valley Soaring Society. For what we do around here in Folsom, read further...

Below is a link to a few weather stations in our local area of Folsom/Sacramento, California. The first one is the hourly Folsom Lake weather station, scroll down the page to get the wind direction and speed.

If the wind is light from the north or south we usually head to Folsom Community College where we can set up a long Hi-start. If the thermals are not booming, or it is too windy and more slope type wind I prefer the "towers" or the "water tank hill" east of Home Depot (just off of HWY 50 and East Bidwell, about a mile south of Folsom Community College).

If the wind is north to southwest 210 to 10 degrees) I like to fly the north side of the "water tank hill" because you can drive half way up on paved roads.

When the wind is from the south (160 to 200 degrees) the "Bluffs" above the Lake Natoma dam at Hazel and Hwy 50 is an OK site but is fairly small with plane eating trees, but then again, it's centrally located and EZ to get too.

Another place if it's from the north to northwest or south to south east is Dike 8 at Folsom Lake. The narrow but long lift band makes for great combat! The combat is excellent here (watch out if the lake level is up high!) and if the conditions are right you can do some Dynamic Soaring (DS'ing) too!

For an AWESOME video of DS'ing and a good explanation on how it works go here: here

Click HERE for Folsom Lake.
Click HERE. for Sacramento.
Click HERE. for Mather AFB.
Click HERE. for Sacramento Int'l Airport.
Click HERE. for Auburn.